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Отдых под парусом на яхте
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Yacht cruises

"All people are divided on three categories: alive, dead, and seaborne"
( Anaharsis, third century B.C )
     We invite you to join a yacht cruise round the Aegean Sea where pine and fir forests are hanging along tolerably smooth hills and flowing into the azure deep of the bay. Where, once upon a time, myriads of islands were scattered by the generous hand of the Supreme Being. Where the purest water possesses all deep blue colors: from dark-blue to light green. It is so clear that you can see through tens of meters deep. Our sailing trip offers a great opportunity to materialize childish dreams, which were forgotten in the vistas of bygone times and the prose of drab existence.

     For example, you can follow the thorny path of smart Odysseus ,Odysseus who was heading for Ithaca to his beloved wife, Penelope, or the way of brave Argonauts to fetch the Golden Fleece.

     It is not worth to spend holiday in a crowded and noisy city beach or in a luxurious though accessible to any one hotel. You can set off into a cruise on a liner but is it really interesting to be a passenger all life? Acquire a private yacht for a couple of weeks and you will feel indescribable fragrance of travels romance. Celestial wish! At one time far and real. Joy and excitement. Complete relaxation for soul and body from all worldliness. This enchanting water, the purest azure of the Aegean Sea and fresh air tearing off salt from peaks of sea waves. Only the blue of the unlimited expanse of sea and soft watercolor silhouettes surround you.

Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.1 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.2 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.3 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.4 Вид на Марти Марину с византийской крепости на острове кроликов
Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.5 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.6 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.7 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.8 Молодость. Яхта. Девушка - Что ещё надо для счастья?!
Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.9 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.10 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.11 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.12 Отдых под парусом на яхте
Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.13 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.14 Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.15 Эгейское море ждет Вас Закат на островах Эгейского моря
Круиз на парусной яхте. Отдых на яхте. Чартер, Аренда, Прокат яхт.17 Купание в бухте Афродиты Нас приветствуют дельфины Самобытная природа островов Эгейского моря
Купание с яхты Дайвинг Подводный мир фридайвинга Верным курсом. Уроки парусного мастерства. Нырнуть с яхты это такое удовольствие!

Comfort under sail on a yacht

     Do not trust the common delusion that the sail yachting and rest on a yacht are affordable only for Who's Who.
     With developing of fiberglass boatbuilding and charter companies, any Russian family, which is used to visit, not expensive resorts in Turkey and Greece are able to afford 1.500-2.000 euros (sometimes less) in order to spend a week on a private yacht! And you will not have to look after snow-white sails glancing on the sea-line and stay lying on a beach chaise longue.
Управлять самому яхтой? Оказывается это просто!
Яхта в Средиземном море

    Take a holiday in a place where snow-white sails are striving to the blue sky, where turbulent waves are fizzing being cut by a bow. Your yacht is flying on wings of wind obedient to a smallest wave of your hand! Strained ropes are roaring on the wind. "Tacking"!  Come about. And now stanchion bases are drafting their foamy drawing on the furious water and whirling of salt splashes carried by the wind to your face. Only here, on board of a private yacht we can fully enjoy all this delight of real life! Only there you can become really happy and experience true, not surrogate, sweets of life!

      The sea changes all of us without our notice. Having once given to yourself the admiration of free travels you will become a completely different person.

     The Aegean Sea is a soft climate and a long holiday season, from April till the middle of November. Wine-colored water of the sea has foamed sculls of Tyrian ships, Greek trieras, Roman triremes, and Venetian and Ottoman galleys. There Alexander the Great did a battle, Anthony and Cleopatra loved each other, and first Apostles preached. During the dark ages, ruthless pirates were rampant there. By the way, the Aegean Sea is also a sea of the Russian glory. It is enough to recall the dramatic burning of Turkish fleet by Chesma. Not all these places are at arms length from us! You just have to spread a sail and head toward the inapproachable horizon.

Life and rest on a yacht

    In the morning, you are roused by a slight touch of breeze full of sea and pine fragrance. Lazy waves, not awaken yet, come and swing your yacht. There is silent and deserted. A bird singing is not heard from the shore yet and in the growing light sky, alpenglow is slightly glimmering. There, far away on the horizon, from the very sacred sea deeps, the golden top of the sun is appearing. At these moments of magic transformation of the world, you realize the unlimited power of the sea and feel comfortable and easy, understanding that the world is wonderful. However, it is time to wake up as a delicious and light breakfast is already waiting for you as well as diving into the sea mirror and energy boost for the whole day.

    During the day you will watch exciting sights of the sea and seashore, ruins of old temples and antic towns, we will gladly tell you myths and legends related to the wonderful places. You'll be able to land at any place and have a walk without barriers, guides and signs "no hand hold!" then will be time for entertainment and bathe in crystal-clear water of numerous bays or near small desert islands where no one will disturb you. Wild delight will experience all who try "rope ride". Maybe on our way, famous companions of sailors - dolphins, coming up from the water near the yacht and swimming nearby, will greet us. You will get an ideal tanning, which cannot be confused with any others; you will become familiar with cultural heritage and history of Mediterranean countries and fill your soul with confidence and peacefulness, unknown to livers of cities.

    In the evening, the best nightspots of riverside Mediterranean towns will hospitably open their doors for you. Have dinner at a wonderful restaurant, a small and cozy cafe or in an affordable and heartwarming trattoria - "locanta". Enjoy the sundown and myriads of stars in the transparent silence of the southern sky or "party" at the best discos. If you want, it is always possible to visit the close Marmaris with multitude of shops, restaurants, with the "street of bars" with foamy disco and volcanic, non-calming down pulse of nightlife...

     The undoubted advantage of the yacht rest is absence of "supers" whose presence is necessary to bear with on shore. There are no odd ones at sea. There, on the yacht you will be only with those, whom you will choose from all your relatives and friends. And all the noise, crowd, fug, and screeches of another's children - all these attributes of hotel staying will be left behind on the shore. You will be at one with nature, sea and your beloved ones.

     Peculiarity of the yacht rest is that you will not have a fixed itinerary but only the start and finish points. How to spend this week or two is completely up to you. Of course, the captain of the yacht will have some instructions and prepared itineraries, but his word will be last only in the case of potential accident or breach of the law. In any other situation, it is the client, who decides where to head off. First, the possibility to take one's own decision can be discouraging for many people, who are used to permanency of tourists services, but then... then comes a realization of perfect freedom, which can be changed for any other thing in the world.

     You can use the yacht in many ways. You can visit as many sights as possible, only having short stops, you also can play "Robinsons" between thousands of small desert islands, to swim naked, unite with nature and along toward evening to spread your sail and have a dinner in a tavern of a small town. There are other versions of yacht cruise, about which we will tell you with great pleasure.

     Yacht rest is unthinkable rich with quantity of scenarios and far from blue lying on a beach chaise-longue and palling, monotonous shopping. That is why the yacht rest is getting more and more popular among all sorts of people, rather far from old moneys and millionaires.

     Yachts have special holiday's programs. For example, the yacht "Delma" has spa-cruises, gourmet, health improvement and free diving cruises.

    Holiday on a yacht is a perfect chance to put aside all the biggest problems for a while. After two weeks, after the holiday, you will look at them anew, and they will not depress you any more. And if you are lucky, having come back, you will feel changes in yourselves. As if a ray of the sun from your childhood has come through all the fuggy smog of the city and aroused in you romantic hopes for future. All false complexes have disappeared; new confidence and reason to life have come to you.

     At his time, Mark Twain proposed a very deep thought, which we would like to quote:

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream."

    Come to our place.

    We will be waiting for you.

    It is really worthwhile.

© Konstantin Zhukov,
Go Sailing.Ru

Life is too short. Don't waste it. Go Sailing!!!